Monday, October 24, 2016


Working day would be very draining your energy and mind. Daily routine could be so exhausting and might bored you, then you will feel very tired and stress.

Moreover if you live in a busy and crowded city, after a day of struggling with our activity you still have to deal with traffic jams for hours on the street. And these routines are repeated the next day for months or even years. When you feel tired with our daily activity, you just need to know that it is something that very reasonable.

If you often getting home totally exhausted and then fell asleep without a chance to take your clothes off and haven't toke shower yourself so you need to change this habit as soon as possible. Because shower is one of the best 'me time', can be done anywhere you are comfortable with and do not require a lot of time. It costs not much such as traveling, but take a bath can help you relax after a day full of activity.

If you need a soothing shower after a hectic day, then here is what you must do to make your bath will be equal relaxation by going to the spa.

# 1 Wash yourself as usual
Bathe as usual with disinfectant soap to clean our body from dust and dirt during the move on the outside.

# 2 Use a bathtub, choose a mix of warm water and soap perfumed with rich foam
If during this time you are used to more often using the shower because it takes a short time to showering than bath with bath tub so you will not too late to start the activity. But now when all of your routine over, using your bathtub would be very nice. Choose a mix of hot water and room temperature water to get warm temperature for your bath. Do not overheat because of too hot water will make you less comfortable. Special for today, plase use many choices of toiletries. Choose your soap is the most fragrant, rich foam and mix it into the bathtub water . Think about the last time you shower with this as calmly, soak your body in the bathtub, and close your eyes would help dampen your stress all day long.

# 3 Relax, give yourself time to relax
If there is something you need to finish when you get home then finish it before bath time to give the widest possible time without a grace period for the body to feel relaxed. Give the mind, physical and soul more attention and to this moment do not let fear be present in your mind.

# 4 Create a special atmosphere in the bath
Turn off your cell phone signal so your bath time will not distracted. Choose any magazine or book that you like to read, light a candle scented with aromatherapy and then turn off the bathroom light. Maybe you have bath salts, oils or other toiletry, it's time to use your bath fixtures. If no, consider putting it in your next shopping list as an investment that you will not regret.

# 5 facemask and relax
Busy weekdays and weekends that always has full of events maybe bothering you, you can be forgetting that you still have face masks which never been used. Then it's time to use your face masks. Wear the mask and enjoy your bath with as relax as you can and enjoy it as much as possible. Think about things that are fun like vacation, beautiful beaches and all that makes you entertained and calming you.

Once you have enough with your bath, rinse the body of soap and you're ready to sleep soundly. Busy activity and soothing bath will give you sleepy, not just sleepy but these sleepy will bring you on a tight sleep. Of course with fresh and fragrant body and mind, you can't accidentally fall asleep in the crumpled clothes and sweaty.

Just remember to adjust your bath time.
Most of good bath time if you want to soak and relax is not too late. If you soak yourself in bath tub too late at night, instead of relaxing you may have accidentally fallen asleep in the bathtub and catching cold. Soak time is good if not too late. If you come home late, it would be better to take a shower as usual with your favourite disinfectant soap of course.

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Ratusya said...

Ga punya bathtub kakak.
Punyanya emberrr

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