Sunday, December 19, 2010


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I watch Alvin and The Chipmunks 1 and liking it. I watch it with borrowing CD from CD rental.
Funny, I think... less adventure much funny.. when I know they production the sequel too, I'm interest to watching it.

But actually I think the chipmunks voice soo sound alike 'Pak Blangkon', one character on Anak Ajaib (unordinary kid)  series. That serial turn on television when I'm a elementary school student (time really flight, isn't it?).

I watch it from vcd rental on my laptop.

mini review :
since Alvin and the chipmunks more and more popular.. Alvin being self centered, refuse to be a good listener and didn't behave anyway. He didn't hear Dave says and starting underestimate his brothers : Simon and Theodore even he still loving them. alvin's self centered made their relationship messing up. alvin is the direct reason of Dave had a hurt on his whole body. a condition make them live with a boy (and he's so pathetic with his game addiction). so much conflict here, and they're fallin' love too. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010


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recommended to watch!!!
I'm enjoying this movie when stay alone on my bedroom.
nice, funny, laughable... hehe :P but the story enough to make me so curious how about blah blah. who is blah blah.. do you love it as much as me?

short review :
it's about Hiccup, someone who life in island on the viking tribe. most viking people has a same body. they're big, and full meat *LOL, they're so brave too with killing dragon. dragon is the most viking tribe enemy. it steal their sheep and anything that can be eat on a while viking tribe island. Hiccup is different, others viking always yelling him not to out from home if dragons come. That's all because Hiccup so thin and lame, than others viking. But Hiccup still out from his home and running around viking who trying to kill a dragon, Hiccup trying same way too. He's smile glad when he see, he hurt night fury - the most unpredictable dragon, the strongest too. But as you know, nobody believe him. Than the story begun...

Friday, November 5, 2010


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Sammi Cheng plays Mini Mo, an exchange student from China to Japan. She is fell in love with a pianist, his name is Kurokawa (Rikiya Kurokawa). Kurokawa leaves to scholarship majoring music in USA and returns to Japan as a famous pianist. Then, Mini so sad and dissapointed with herself, she's can't stop eating since Kurokawa leaves so her body was overweights. Mini more and more sad when she realized Kurokawa doesn't recognize her. Mini eventually meets Fatso (Andy Lau). Fatso promise her, he will helps her to lose the weight so she can fulfill her promise of meeting and be together with Kurokawa made 10 years earlier. But then ... hmm... find it byself by watch that movie ;)
It's so funny and romantic at same time, you'll enjoyed it.

Blogger note :
Finally pandora box can be updated. yaaayy! :D it's very recommended old film
I watched it once when I'm still at junior high school.
I suddenly remember this movie, but I do not remember the title. so I'm searched on google with keyword: andi lau fat movie
and I found the titleeeee!!!!!!!!

So I watched the movie from my laptop. And I love it so much.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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Mia Thermopolis is a teenage girl who lives with his mother, Helen, in Manhattan-New York. Until a teenager, She lived as an ordinary person but one day she know about her status : SHE IS A PRINCESS ACTUALLY. Mia is a princess from Genovia, small country in Europe.

Mia must choose between living in Manhattan or a princess in Genovia. As long as she decide it, Mia lesson a manners to be a good and lovable princess. During that time also became closer to her grandmother. Mia falling love with Michael who is Mia friend's brother. In the end of trilogy, we know Mia finally have a special relationship with Michael.

But, do you think they will life happily ever after? BIG NOOOO!!!

Meg Cabot, The Princess Diaries's author write about the next episode. Mia and Michael break up on novel 'Princess Mia'. That story teach us how can love ended altough we didn't want it. And how can a perfect couple Mia - Michael basic on The Princess Diaries reader can break up.

Perfect couple can be an unperfect mean to be.

But in this book Meggin Cabot (my favourite author besides J.K. Rowling) not just tell us about love, she tell us through Mia's sides to be more respect a nature, to be more notice with social phenomennon around us. Maybe I'm not good enough to write about book review, but I recommending this book to be your friend at relaxing time. I read this book, firstly on grade 3 Junior High School, and until now I keep on read another newest series from Princess Diaries :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The first time I know about Benny n' Mice is when my journalistic organization held caricature workshop. Their name and Jitet was a strong candidate to teach our more about cartoon, sense of satire and procedure to make it.

When we talking about them and discuss how much possibility to invite Benny n' Mice to our workshop I saw their caricature. Unique, funny, satire about people life style. Then I saw their caricature which published by book and buy it. Yea, I LOVE THEIR BOOK :D I LOVE THEIR STORY TOO..

Benny n' Mice series can found at KOMPAS newspaper, sunday edition. That serial titled by nickname from cartoonist itself, Muhammad Misrad and Benny Rachmadi.

Let me show you about Benny n' Mice serial which I found it when I start browsing.. CLICK TO ZOOM!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010


I can't mention why so feel blue, when read Nokturno and Belimbing Wuluh poem... It all written by Sapardi Djoko Damono or with his academic degree : Prof Dr Sapardi Djoko Damono. Some say, he is a romantic grandpa. But it's true when you read his poem. Maybe you all know one of his poem, which titled AKU INGIN, it's published at his poem book, internet and inspirated many author, stories writer, and poem writer. I see it in a ALPHA WIFE novel, maybe at first page the author written about AKU INGIN... it's inspired her actually.

It was romantic in simple words, but meaningful.
Sapardi born in Solo on March 20 1940. His passion in literature, has started to appear since he was sitting on the junior high school. While sitting in high school he choose literature and then continued his education in faculty of literature UGM.

In addition to being a poet writer, he also conducted his old ideals: a lecturer. he said "So being the professor is good. If the employee's office, must sit from morning till evening," And once earned a Master of Arts, 1964, he taught at the Madison branch of IKIP Malang, for four years, then continued at Diponegoro University, Semarang, also for four years. Since 1974, teaching Sapardi teaching in Faculty of Literature UI.

Sapardi's contribution is also large enough to culture and literature, by conducting research, a guest speaker in various seminars and is active as an administrator and teacher, and became dean of the UI Faculty 1995-1999 period. He became the initiator of the teaching of courses in Basic Sciences in the faculty culture literature.

He realized that being a writer will not receive financial satisfaction. Writing is as a break, when he wanted to break away from his routine daily work.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


we life at the middle of market
(by me)

We know that each corporate use production mix for their marketing strategy. It's mean one corporate producing more than one product for dominate market in one sector.

Example :
1. Sonny corporation : has mobile, laptop, camera... etc..
2. NESTLE : has milk, cereal, coffee and all 'something to eat'

3. Locally corporate : Wings group... it has instant noodles, soap, shampoo... and many more.
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Friday, March 12, 2010


When I was high school, we celebrate it day with wore kebaya for girls.. and Batik for boys. But now, in my university we just wore our daily clothes that day.

At my Grandpa's house there's have a pic of Raden Ayu Kartini like these but in my grandpa's house that pic look more clear. FYI, for a long time in my childhood memories.. I think it my momma's picture. Honesty it's look same.. momma's face look like her. hahahahahhaha... then I know it's not..

In the era of Kartini, the late 19th century until the early 20th century, the women of this country do not gain a freedom in many ways. They are not allowed to obtain higher education as men have not even allowed to determine a husband who with him they will be life for a long time.

Even marriage, for her dream Kartini planned to follow the School Teachers in the Netherlands with the intention that she could become a better educator. Scholarship from the Dutch government has also been successfully obtained, but that desire is not met again since the ban parents. In order to prevent the disappearance, her parents had forced her to marry at that time with Raden Adipati Joyodiningrat, a regent in Rembang.

Obstacles do not dampen her spirits, even though the marriage. Even had been married, she still founded a school in the school next Rembang in Jepara is already established before marriage. What's she doing with the school and then followed by other women by establishing 'Kartini's School' in their respective places such as Semarang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Malang, Madiun, and Cirebon.

Throughout his life, Kartini like to make a friendship. She has many good friends in the country and in Europe, especially from the Netherlands, a nation that was colonized Indonesia at that time. To his friends, he often poured out his heart about his desire to advance the country's women. To his friends that the Dutch she often writes letters expressing these ideals, about the equal rights of women and men.
After Kartini passed away, these letters were later collected and published into a book titled in Dutch Door Duisternis tot Licht. What is contained in the book is very influential in encouraging the progress of Indonesian women because the content of these writings have become a source of motivation for the struggle of Indonesian women in the future.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Heart doesn't need to choose, heart being chosen


I was stunned with a written quote Dee. Quote representing a novel content from PERAHU KERTAS that had long finished my reading.

About Kugy, cheerful little girl strange and full of surprises. Has a unique ideals as a fairy tale writer. Pretty, petite, humorous, often called the mother alien because of his indifference to the appearance. Kugy's fashion style is carelessly. Kugy a student one of university at Bandung majoring in literature, which supports the goals though with a circular path first. Have a boyfriend named Joshua or Ojos. Kugy like to send a letter to the god Neptune that he did with a paper boat way to wash away the water flow.

Met with Keenan, a talented young painter and inherited his talent from his mother. Keenan's father that his son did not agree to be a painter, did much to stem these ideals. which was behind his father's opposition was a secret past in their family.

Both Keenan and Kugy in loved, but they're put to much pride and shame too talk each other about their feeling.. (somehow I thought it just look a like with Korean Drama, isn't it?). Then cause any cases they live separately and separate way they choose makes them no longer seeing each other. The even never met again.

But after five years, life become so kind to make them met. They met for a small moment of meeting them again. Meetings that brought a variety of feelings, as well as meetings that brought the lack of space to be together.

You can read preview this novel by ebook, you can download it free when you searching it on google. I read it preview before and I thought it's genre around Teenlit at the beginning. But after reading a few chapters, I fell in love. I actually made life and see how two people who love each other can be so hard to unite. Dee concocting a story with a romantic style and her narrative flowing as usual. Again I fell in love with this novel, as I fell in love with the other Dee's novel.

Are tou wanna know more? Let's read that book. It's also colorfull and lovable book. so worth to read.


- red cover book is Perahu Kertas novel at digital version.. how cute! I loves the red one :)

- all pics taken random by google
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