Friday, November 5, 2010


pic taken random by google

Sammi Cheng plays Mini Mo, an exchange student from China to Japan. She is fell in love with a pianist, his name is Kurokawa (Rikiya Kurokawa). Kurokawa leaves to scholarship majoring music in USA and returns to Japan as a famous pianist. Then, Mini so sad and dissapointed with herself, she's can't stop eating since Kurokawa leaves so her body was overweights. Mini more and more sad when she realized Kurokawa doesn't recognize her. Mini eventually meets Fatso (Andy Lau). Fatso promise her, he will helps her to lose the weight so she can fulfill her promise of meeting and be together with Kurokawa made 10 years earlier. But then ... hmm... find it byself by watch that movie ;)
It's so funny and romantic at same time, you'll enjoyed it.

Blogger note :
Finally pandora box can be updated. yaaayy! :D it's very recommended old film
I watched it once when I'm still at junior high school.
I suddenly remember this movie, but I do not remember the title. so I'm searched on google with keyword: andi lau fat movie
and I found the titleeeee!!!!!!!!

So I watched the movie from my laptop. And I love it so much.

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