Sunday, December 19, 2010


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I watch Alvin and The Chipmunks 1 and liking it. I watch it with borrowing CD from CD rental.
Funny, I think... less adventure much funny.. when I know they production the sequel too, I'm interest to watching it.

But actually I think the chipmunks voice soo sound alike 'Pak Blangkon', one character on Anak Ajaib (unordinary kid)  series. That serial turn on television when I'm a elementary school student (time really flight, isn't it?).

I watch it from vcd rental on my laptop.

mini review :
since Alvin and the chipmunks more and more popular.. Alvin being self centered, refuse to be a good listener and didn't behave anyway. He didn't hear Dave says and starting underestimate his brothers : Simon and Theodore even he still loving them. alvin's self centered made their relationship messing up. alvin is the direct reason of Dave had a hurt on his whole body. a condition make them live with a boy (and he's so pathetic with his game addiction). so much conflict here, and they're fallin' love too. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010


pic taken random by google

recommended to watch!!!
I'm enjoying this movie when stay alone on my bedroom.
nice, funny, laughable... hehe :P but the story enough to make me so curious how about blah blah. who is blah blah.. do you love it as much as me?

short review :
it's about Hiccup, someone who life in island on the viking tribe. most viking people has a same body. they're big, and full meat *LOL, they're so brave too with killing dragon. dragon is the most viking tribe enemy. it steal their sheep and anything that can be eat on a while viking tribe island. Hiccup is different, others viking always yelling him not to out from home if dragons come. That's all because Hiccup so thin and lame, than others viking. But Hiccup still out from his home and running around viking who trying to kill a dragon, Hiccup trying same way too. He's smile glad when he see, he hurt night fury - the most unpredictable dragon, the strongest too. But as you know, nobody believe him. Than the story begun...

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