Thursday, March 31, 2016


I'm not college student anymore and not yet worker. So WHO AM I? Hmmm I'm a jobseeker. Who is jobseeker? You didn't know jobseeker? So here it is the definition of jobseeker, check this out.

Become a job seeker is big challenge for me because it's hard to get a job. I want to apply job and at first I must be completed the document and one of them is a health statement (body and psychology) from government hospital. Okay I decide to go to the nearest hospital and I tell that I want to do medical check up and she said that I must fill the patient form and pay the administration fee 12k IDR then go to the General Check Up Polyclinic.

In General Check Up Polyclinic the employee input my personal identity and tell me that I must go to the cashier and pay "Medical Check Up I" 100k IDR and then they process it and I going to the room check and take some test like measuring weight, high, and tension. And last test about having tatoo or not and ATTENTION for you GIRLS at the test you must take off the clothes except your underwear so make sure that is female doctor who checked us.

After do it and my body test is finished, next I go to the psychiatry poly. The employee fill a bill and must pay 80k IDR for psychology test. Psychology test is a psychotest I think you must to do some psychotest like picture test, drawing test, and statement test with intensity scale. I don't know why this company make this rule for recruitment in first stage (administration) cause its take a long time (test-result) its take a week and for you that have a experience like me you need to prepare at about 500k IDR before you lack of money in the hospital and you must find a ATM and its very waste your time.

Oh for your information the psychotest (I call it) held along with others so you must waiting until the participants gathered. After complete the test you need a week before you take the result. But its a bad experience for me cause after complete the document the server down and I CAN'T APPLY after the long stuggle of me but no matter what I still a jobseeker and I should continue my struggle, fighting!!
Do you have a some experience about it? I'd love to read it on comments box.

For your information you can check the body check up below cause my psychology check up result is about a week later (wait a week later and maybe I can updating the picture).


Wednesday, March 30, 2016


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Who does not like the smell of the baby fragrance and how it smell adorable? Certainly almost no hands outstretched to express displeasure - yes?. Especially when coupled with fragrant of baby cologne, definitely people will be scrambling to hold and kiss the baby fragrant. Babies cologne usually have a mild fragrant durable even though already used all day by our baby, baby cologne you know it also can be used by mothers and other adults. It was not smelled as long time as if the baby wear it, but yes it is enough with several times a day application if we wanted to renew the fragrance. Well here is the benefits of  babies cologne when used by adults:

First: As the mother osecret weapon to comforted baby

Make sure at first that our baby liked his/her cologne scented. After bath, applying it to babies in the folds of them skin. Same with the power of touch, smell also plays an important role in the development of our baby. With our touch and scent of cologne that we apply on baby clothes and a little part of it will stimulate the skin feeling safe, comfortable and happy mood for baby. Good mood and calming scent will make the baby's less fussy while playing or when we take him for a walk out of the house. Baby's good mood will also cause our baby can sleep more tightly.

Second: To strengthen the relationship between mother and baby

If the baby is matched with the fragrance of a special babies cologne then we try to applying same cologne to our body before playtime or out of the house with the baby because maybe baby will meet the strangers outside the home. With the smell of babies cologne on our body, the baby can feel more comfortable on the move and, even a baby sitter who helped us set up all over the baby's needs. It's feel so good if he/she would stick to the mothers than others even though the others, right?

Third: Aromatherapy

Scented oils specifically for babies usually have a gentle fragrance character and could give the  innocent impression. Able to give adults comfortable feeling, as an adorable baby smell. A kind of aromatherapy that could potentially trigger a sense of relaxation and definitely made us for a moment to rest from having to be firm and tough taking care of everything in place. Take care of the work, clean the house and patience to deal with our baby who cried for example.

Fourth: Improving Mood Swing

If the baby can smell perfume is clean and pleasant, is suitable for the baby girl why not suitable if worn older women?

Sometimes we remember time after time passed so quickly and feel miss much or wasting things that we think are important. Sometimes we feel getting old quickly, and we are women usually very sensitive to realize how quickly the time goes to make us old and older. Fragrance of baby cologne can help relieve mood swings and feeling our sentimental about things that have past. Making us feel fresh and young, ready with the next challenge.

Well a lot of the benefits of this baby cologne for us adults, started thinking of buying one bottle for ourselves?


Monday, March 28, 2016


Hello I want to tell you about some tips for people who have a big pore like me. Its not a big problem for me cause I'm not a girl who care about the skin problem until my big pore become a big enemy for me. I call "them" big enemy cause the day that my menstruation was coming my big pore changing into a wrinkle. OH NO!!!! Its a big problem for me cause my T zone full of wrinkle. So what should I do? Oh Allah please help me.

I'm kind of stalker heheh so I searching how to say good bye to wrinkle especially big pore. When I feel hopeless, accidentally I look at Poppy Bunga's instagram and I find her product "Kalia Kefir". Reflects I push a follow button and I stalk her product. Cause the wrinkle make me crazy day by day I decide to buy a black kefir. Black kefir ingredients is Pure Kalia Kefir, Food Grade Activated Bamboo Charcoal and Organic Tumeric. You can read the function of the ingredient below.

A few days later after I order it my boarding house guard say that there are some package for me. Wohooooo my black kefir arrived safely hehe come to mamaaaaa dear!!! Immediately I try this kefir and at about two or three days my wrinkle disappear slowly and my big pore become a tiny pore. YEAAAAAYYY!!! My friend that have a big problem with wrinkle cause of genetical tried a green kefir and you can read the funcion of green kefir below. She tell me that its product suit her skin perfectly.

Many entrepreneurs production this magical kefir but you may have a big question for me why I choose Kalia Kefir. I'm a kind of people that does not matter with my skin except my brown skin that like a "Ojek Driver" cause I'm a biker that never care about gloves or face mask but I'm a selective people for skincare cause I dont wanna my healthy skin become a monster skin cause a "abal-abal" skincare. For your information Kalia Kefir registered at BPOM and only two of Kefir Product that registered at BPOM and also they have a halal certificate.
Have you tried this product? or you have another story about another product?
Please share..


Sunday, March 27, 2016

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World music history began about years of 590 when people developed their life into arts and budaya. But most of music that we can enjoy now is originally named pop music era, it begin popular and well known about 1952.

We know since then music history improved when pop music at it golden era we found out a lot kind of classes music from pop music popped out, like : ragtime, blues, jazz, rock, dangdut, country and more.

Legendary musician who have good skill sing a song or playing music instrument. The Beatles generation, Michael Jackson, then turn to Boy band era like Blue, N’sync and etc. Avenged Sevenfold, Paramore maybe become so famous now. But a really most influence world music now is Boyband. Boyband recycle it golden age popularity now but this time it’s not come from USA or UK, it came from Korea. They are can be so influence so at Indonesia then popped out idea to make boy band the same way (at characteristics) with at Korea.

Their international booming little bit because had been supported by Korean drama. We also know Korean Drama was so popular because their unique and lovable story mixed with original culture based on Korea tradition from their ancestors. Korean drama quite popular, another country people also love watching it because it didn’t make bored easily. Lovable Korean drama always takes original sound track from local musician then they had a good publicity both dramas and original sound track.

Popular boy band who can dance and sing a song at the same time, they looks so different with Blue or Nsync or Backstreet Boys and much boyband which famous before them. They have their own character. You can see that when watch their video clips.

Korean boyband have really same characters at all, they love to coloring their hair with yellow or white and some how look like so pretty as woman. Just few of them have a manly body, most of them so slim but quite tall. One of boy band in Korea and can make people think that Korean Boy band can be manly and didn’t look pretty like Korean girls is : Big Bang.

Big Bang born on 2005 and have their debut at 2006 at YG family’s concert, Soul. Before the group debut, several members already had an exposure in the entertainment industry. Big Bang when started their debut actually have a six personnel but now they just have five personnel : G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri.

At 2007 Big Bang take their success to wins people’s heart. Their concert album sold 30k copies by the end of year. In august, Big Bang release “Always” as their first mini album, followed by promotion and press conference. The leader of Big Bang who have quite natural handsome looks even he coloring his hair to white, G-Dragon starting write a few lyric for “Always”. Lies, one of title song in “Always” make a big surprise because it became the most people favorite beside win a many praised from the music critics. Big Bang wins many award at these year, Best Men Group and Best Song at M.NET/KM music festival. And at 2008, Big Bang wins Daesang award (best artis) from 17th Seoul Music Awards.

Their next mini album, titled Hot Issue released a few month after Always and make their single “Last Farewell” become hit. Last Farewell takes Song of The Month Digital Music Award and stay at Juke-On number one song, 8 weeks long.

Big Bang beginning their international debut with decide make it true at Japan. Big Bang’s Japanese first album titled For The World released at 2008. It album contains Korean and just one Japanese song titled How Gee (remix from Black Machine song).

Big Bang third album when going back to Korea at the middle 2008 titled Stand Up which is sold about 100k copies and Day By Day single sit on 1st position at Korean song rank about six weeks. At the same time Big Bang release their Japanese song titled Number 1 from self titled album and introducing their song at Japan’s radio and television programs. At the end of 2008, Big Bang release Korean album titled Remember which have a hit single titled Sunset Glow.

At 2009, Bid Bang group decided to take some rest for give a chance to it personnel for having solo career. They product Lollipop song with Girl Band named 2NE1. After success with their “Lollipop”, Big Bang release (again) Japanese single titled My Heaven at May 2009. This song is translated from their Korean song “Heaven” from Stand Up album. Not just “My Heaven”, Big Bang released too Let Me Hear Your Voice which is Japanese version from a same title. Let Me Hear Your Voice at Japanese become Kow Wo Kikasete which composed at Japanese and English lyric.

This is the group personnel, so you will know about them more:

1. G- Dragon:
as group leader, rapper, lyrics writer and song composer. His real name was Kwon Ji Yong. He had his debut at Dae Han Min Gook Hip Hop Flex at 2001.

2. Taeyang:

as vocal and also a choreographer. His real name was Dong Young Bae.  He had his debut at YG family 2nd album 2002.

3. T.O.P.:
as rapper, beat boxer and song composer. His real name was Choi Seung Hyun.

4. Daesung (or D-Lite):
as vocal. His real name was Kang Dae Sung.

5. Seungri (or Victory):
as vocal and choreographer. His real name was Lee Seung Hyun.

Their 6th ex-personnel bio:

6. SO 1
His real name was Jang Hyun Seung. He didn’t be a part of Big Bang since ninth episode their video documenter. Now, he being part of another boy band called B2ST.

So, are you wanna enjoying The Big Bang’s song? Then try to search and listening their ‘Somebody to Love’ and beat up with them. It’s better when listening that song and also watch their video clip, it’ll add more ‘effect’. And maybe you should be careful, because you may falling for them too.


Some days I'm not here for purpose, I had to return to my hometown. But I really feel sad to imagine this box covered with dust huh?
So I re open my hard drive from my old laptop, too old files containing past photographs. I do remember that for about four years of work, due to time constraints ... the idea just be a mere idea. I have not been drafted in writing that can be published on this blog. Many of  memory that makes me confused, what motivated me to take a photograph while ago. Or what was in my mind when writing short drafts.

Because of the short and poor clues and I have so much of lag time for posting, so the file fragments that had similar random puzzle pieces that I wrote already, I do not understand what it's about.
So before leaving, I decided to try knitting memories left behind and make it a scheduled post. It is quite many post I made for timeline publishing but at least this blog updates even though I'm not online at the internet.

I made a lot of records that were once so has the idea of ​​posting every feeling uninspired, but we can just call it is a very limited time for me back then. Everything is give me a narrow space, write or even think about the things that had wanted to convey.

Harm job? Not really, maybe I was not too cool at multitasking.

Anyway that's funny, enjoying the process of re-assembling many puzzle pieces, I own that but yes I do forget anything related.
I thank the schedule feature to post on blogger, so I can adjust this day, if I want any updates.

Ah I want to read your blogs soon :)
See you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Hello, I just redesign my Hello Pandora and I feel that way : Happy.
Can I ask you some question then about my new blog design?
Are you more like it or do you think it is tacky?
Let me know :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

If You - Bigbang Lyrics (in English and Bahasa Indonesia Translation)

pic source : google

English Lyric

Tarjemahan Bahasa / Indonesia
Dia pergi
Dan aku hanya terdiam
Cinta telah pergi
Selayaknya orang bodoh, aku berdiam disini dalam kekosongan

Aku menatap dia, yang terus menjauh
Tubuhnya menjadi titik kecil di kejauhan dan kemudian menghilang
Apakah kenangan ini dapat hilang setelah berlalunya waktu?
Aku teringat masa-masa yang telah lalu
Aku mengingat kamu

Jika saja dirimu
Jika saja dirimu
Jika saja ini belum terlambat
Dapatkah kita kembali bersama?
Andai saja dirimu
Andai kamu
Andai kamu berusaha dengan keras seperti halnya aku
Dapatkah kita membuat ini jadi lebih mudah?
Aku harusnya memperlakukanmu dengan lebih baik disaat masih memilikimu

Bagaimana kabarmu?
Apakah kamu memang baik-baik saja?
Bertanya-tanya apakah perpisahan kita memang adalah takdir
Aku harus melupakanmu namun ini tidaklah mudah

Aku menatap dia, yang terus menjauh
Tubuhnya menjadi titik kecil di kejauhan kemudian menghilang
Apakah kenangan ini akan hilang setelah waktu berlalu?
Aku masih ingat masa-masa yang telah lalu
Aku mengingat kamu

Jika saja dirimu
Jika saja dirimu
Jika saja ini belum terlambat
Dapatkah kita kembali bersama?
Andai kamu
Andai kamu
Andai kamu berusaha dengan keras seperti halnya aku
Dapatkah kita buat ini jadi lebih mudah?
Aku harusnya memperlakukanmu dengan lebih baik disaat masih memilikimu

Pada hari itu dimana gerimis turun seperti halnya hari ini
Aku mengingat bayanganmu

Kenangan kita yang secara rahasia kuletakkan dalam laci
Aku mengeluarkannya dan mengenang kembali kenangan itu sendirian

Mengapa aku tidak juga paham
Tentang beratnya kesedihan yang datang karena perpisahan?

Jika saja dirimu
Jika saja dirimu
Jika saja ini belum terlambat
Dapatkah kita kembali bersama?
Andai kamu
Andai kamu
Andai kamu berusaha dengan keras seperti halnya aku
Dapatkah kita buat ini menjadi lebih mudah?
Aku harusnya memperlakukanmu dengan lebih baik disaat masih memilikimu

Thursday, March 10, 2016


"OMG Meliscake! I waaaannnttt!" my friend shout kinda like that after I posted about my finally arrived Meliscake. My friend then said, she will blocked me from the chat because she want it so much but can't get it because Meliscake only do it's delivery around Jakarta.

A few months ago until now, Meliscake do hits and grab attention of many foodies and instagramers who love good food. Meliscake, opened in some of foodies bazaar event too. So we can get it on delivery or came to Meliscake bazaar for have a taste.
What is Meliscake?
It's homemade old fashion soft cake, indonesian called it kue bolu jadul but we can taste it's texture was very soofftt, moist and yes so delicious too. We can taste it melted on our mouth, it's cheese... it's grilled chocolate.

Meliscake have two variant : cheese, with so muucccchhh of grilled cheese as topping and lil whipped cream. Cheese lovers would be enjoyed it. And chocolate, topped of sooo muccchhh grilled chocolate block and little whipped cream which will grab an attention from chocolate fans.

Meliscake's cake serve chopped with cake papers like mini cupcake. So it's give us a plus, we no use to run for finding knife or anything for enjoy it, we can just grab and eat away. But I do not like if I really hungry and having lunch or breakfast with this cake but the paper didn't feel easy... hmm.. somehow the paper made me annoyed.

But Meliscake is deserved for purchased more and more, it's suitable for ordered it to your beloved ones or friends that having a special day or anything. That cake packed so pretty.

We can have a look more about it's cake to Meliscake official instagram : meliscake. Meliscake delivery service was good, customer service also satisfied me too.
The price 100,000 indonesian rupiah for the little one, and 275,000 indonesian rupiah for the big one.

By the way, Meliscake can send us their cake if we stay on Airport too. Maybe we entered Jakarta only at airport and we didn't stay for long.

Pic source:
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