Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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Mia Thermopolis is a teenage girl who lives with his mother, Helen, in Manhattan-New York. Until a teenager, She lived as an ordinary person but one day she know about her status : SHE IS A PRINCESS ACTUALLY. Mia is a princess from Genovia, small country in Europe.

Mia must choose between living in Manhattan or a princess in Genovia. As long as she decide it, Mia lesson a manners to be a good and lovable princess. During that time also became closer to her grandmother. Mia falling love with Michael who is Mia friend's brother. In the end of trilogy, we know Mia finally have a special relationship with Michael.

But, do you think they will life happily ever after? BIG NOOOO!!!

Meg Cabot, The Princess Diaries's author write about the next episode. Mia and Michael break up on novel 'Princess Mia'. That story teach us how can love ended altough we didn't want it. And how can a perfect couple Mia - Michael basic on The Princess Diaries reader can break up.

Perfect couple can be an unperfect mean to be.

But in this book Meggin Cabot (my favourite author besides J.K. Rowling) not just tell us about love, she tell us through Mia's sides to be more respect a nature, to be more notice with social phenomennon around us. Maybe I'm not good enough to write about book review, but I recommending this book to be your friend at relaxing time. I read this book, firstly on grade 3 Junior High School, and until now I keep on read another newest series from Princess Diaries :)
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