Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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I watch Koizora once and I wouldn't again. Koizora means sky of love. It's movie from Japan. My personal rate for that movie is one star according 1-5star.

I give one star for that movie cause the story has so much 'klise'. About someone dying and bla bla bla, and a part which I dislike so much is a main girl character : SHE'S HAVEN'T SOME LOGIC FOR FACE HER LIFE, she's putting love in front of her face, to be her future, to be her very ending life. How can somebody doing so much unlogic thing?
She's droping out from school for taking care her dying ex-boyfriend. From when you can't take care somebody whose dying if you still go to school. Uh very pathetic, the story pissed me off. Okay, it's my personal opinion, no offense :P

Mini review :
Mika is freshman on senior highschool, she's never falling love altough once. Someday she's loose her phone and find it on library (she'd like to stay there). Since she find her phone, all contact memory almost gone. And someone who tell her that he is someone who find her phone always calling her every night until morning come.

The guy name Hiro, is not same as Mika's imagine. But Hiro have ability to make Mika falling love with him. They passion of love then give a baby in Mika's stomatch. Hiro decided to leave school and they'll be marry, be a happy family. But some fault makes Mika into trouble, her baby can't be alive. Mika and Hiro break up cause some misunderstanding. Mika have boyfriend when she's attend college. Her new boyfriend so much different with old one, Hiro. But then Mika find truth about reason Hiro want to break up with her in senior high school. And that time, Mika's love to Hiro was comeback.
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