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As an employee who receives a salary every month, you may find that you can not possibly forever like this. Receive a salary that does not always increase every year while our need continues to grow. More expensive daily needs may make you think that you need to earn extra income.

But you realize that you are not ready to immediately get resign from the office and make your new business prospects for generate more value. Moreover, resign from the office is like releasing the seat belt away as we were boarding the roll coaster rides, while we do not know whether we will fall just on the hard ground or even in large and thick mat that will keep the body.

So obviously, you need a business that you can run as a sideline as an employee. Whatever type of business you decide to sell products online. Would you start a new online business? Read the following tips:

Start an Online Business Tips for Beginners

# 1 Decide what products or services you want to sell

With an online business you can reach potential customers, but you also will have a lot of competitors. Decide what type of products and services you want to sell. If you know what to decide this, you have to take into account competitors in the same product type and the amount of money allocated to the initial investment of this online business. If you have limited funds while greatly wants to start an online business try to be a Kudo agent through

# 2 Make your own online store

If you've decided what products you want to sell then you begin to build your online store. For a professional impression and more easily found many potential customers would be better to have a site online store promotions yours. But if the initial budget effort has not been commensurate with the cost of care of a site, you can build an online store through social media such as facebook and instagram. Announce your online store through a personal account, if the online store you are on instagram then create and sesesuai hashtag as much as possible with the products you sell.

# 3 Promote your online business

Well this is the most important part of online business we founded, namely the promotion. This promotion is very important in determining our image or the image in front of prospective customers. For example, we build a trusted online business image and free shipping or online stores that are not only reliable but also very friendly and helpfull serve its customers.

So, are you ready to build your own online business?

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Kang Nurul Iman said...

Wah kalau ilmu yang satu ini sangat penting sekali mbak untuk seorang pebisnis pemula sangat membantu sekali mbak.

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