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Nusa Dua Bali located in Badung, in the Southeast region of the island. Nusa Dua from Ngurah Rai International Airport is about 15 km, and from the capital city of Denpasar Bali is approximately 35 km. The place is quite popular among tourists. Bali Nusa Dua also served as a United Nations conference on climate change in 2007-2008.

Nusa Dua name is actually the name of two small islands located in the southern part island of Bali. 'Nusa' means island. Nusa Dua is an area of elite international class tourism in Bali. This region has an area of about 350 ha, and it is one of the best hospitality area in the world.

Nusa Dua Bali famous with its beautiful sunrise, Nusa Dua also famous for its luxurious 5 star hotels in this area. Of course, many factors made this area into a major destination for stay. You can browse as much as you wish to view a selection of hotels in Nusa Dua that may suit your desires and taste.

There are many activities that you can do besides enjoying the fresh air and white sand, there are many variety of recreation that can be found here such as golf, camel safari, parasailing, jetski, traditional dance and many more

Here are some interesting places in Nusa Dua Bali:

Bali is famous with its beautiful beaches attracted many tourists who come just to enjoy the beauty of the beaches are. The beach at Nusa Dua is one of attract tourists. The beach in this area has a long coastline with calm waves and soft white sand, making this area suitable for water sports activities.

There are many activities that you can do in Bali. Nusa Dua area has some popular activities such as Water Sports in Tanjung Benoa. This place offers water sports such as banana boating, jet skiing, parasailing, diving and much more.

Museum Pasifika
The Museum Pasifika is the must visit for art enthusiasts. Located in Nusa Dua, it had the whole works of art from the Asia Pacific region. The collection of art here is the most complete in the world, and has been awarded with Wonderful Indonesia Awards in 2011. The museum is located in the BTDC (Bali Tourism and Development Council) Area Block P Nusa Dua Bali.

Water Blow Nusa Dua
Water Blow is in BTDC. The uniqueness of these places is a tidal wave that hit rock hard so bring the water spouting high sea. Be prepared to get wet if you want to visit this place.

Devdan Show Nusa Dua
Devdan Show is a theatrical show Indonesian culture with a blend of modern visual effects. This theater presents a variety of cultural performances in Indonesia such as Bali, Borneo, Java, Papua and Sumatra. Devdan Show is held four times in one week.

Interested? Let's plan a vacation to Bali Nusa Dua! And have a good vacation!

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Suciati Cristina said...

Kayanya headernya baru yah nind, kmaren pandora blm gini.. Apa aku lupaaak.. Posting ginian jadi makin makin mau liburan... Ngga pernah sempet honeymoon hahaaa

Mbul Kecil said...

Mau banget ke sindang eke...
#buru2 carik kamera

Kang Nurul Iman said...

Nah kalau ke sini saya belum pernah mbak soalnya kejauhan, ahi hi hi. Tapi saya punya keinginan untuk bisa berkunjung kesini mbak.

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