Saturday, September 10, 2016


Sofa is all time family favorite, especially if it located in the living room and in front of the television. No doubt if the whole family definitely makes it a favorite place to relax while enjoying a television show or movie when it's playing. Watching TV or a movie was incomplete happens without a snack and a drink. Because the sofa is often used to watch and snacking along, sofa is one of the furnishings in the home that are easily soiled.

Do not be surprised if found pieces of chips, spilled drinks or biscuits on the sidelines the rest of the sofa folds. Some claimed that the couch is one thing that is increasingly using more comfortable over time as pajamas. But shabby was no problem, but the dirty sofa will invite ants and other insects also cause disease even for its users. It is therefore important to keep the sofa clean.

Cleaning the sofa, where to start?

Now we can begin easy steps below:

# 1 Make sure what the sofa is made from
Make sure first what the base material surface of our sofas. Is it are made of fabric, synthetic leather or genuine leather? Ensuring basic ingredients sofa is very important to know how the cleanup. Cleaning sofas made of cloth and leather are often more complicated than synthetic leather.

# 2 Use a vacuum cleaner
Before cleaning in detail, it is important for us to remove the dust that is in the sofa. Use a vacuum cleaner to start the cleaning step. If there is no vacuum cleaner, then you can use a feather duster, but certainly not as maximum if using a vacuum cleaner.

# 3 Brush with a soft brush
If there are spots stain or stain dries on the surface of the sofa then use a soft brush to brush the stained surface. Brush gently with a soft cloth so as not to scratch the surface of your own sofa.

# 4 Wipe the other sofas that are not made from the same raw material
Some sofas have wood parts on the arm or on the ornaments, do not forget to pay attention to it. Wipe with a dry cloth or other treatment that is in accordance with the character of the basic ingredients of the sofa section.

# 5 Provide suitable base material sofa cleaners
If the sofa made from fabric then you will need a water-based detergents and cleaners following steam, but if the sofa is made of leather it is very necessary to provide a skin cleanser that is gentle to your the leather sofa.

Cleaning sofa in detail with suitable cleaning up between them. After the entire cleaning process completed then you can use fan for the sofa to dry or just let dry it is. It would be better if aerated to dry and no parts are still wet while others were dry.

# 6 Hiring the services of laundering sofa
If you feel tired and sofa cleaning step is still complicated and cumbersome, you can skip all of them with a sofa washing services. Then yes, all problem done already.

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