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Many new mothers could become stressed because of the problems of breast milk, some of them fearing unable to meet their nutritional intake baby nursing breast milk is abundant. Though nursing mothers it must always be happy and should not being stress so that the breast milk was produced enough for their babies. From various sources of information mentioned that stress actually affects breast milk production may be reduced or even less than normal production.

How to improve maternal milk production? Here are tips that I have outlined from the testimony of friends:

Tips for Improving Breast Milk

The first tip: Do not stare at certain hours for breastfeeding
Breastfeeding a baby is not the same as eating hours toddlers or adults. Babies usually cry when hungry, crying can be the alarm for us to provide breast milk. Indeed, we do not know why she's crying is due to hunger or the other, but each hesitate to offer breastfeeding infants to determine whether crying because of hunger or the desire to cuddle. The more frequent breastfeeding makes the more milk that we can produce.

Tip two: Avoid pacifiers and bottle of milk unless it is necessary
Use of a pacifier or a bottle of milk that is too often could cause our milk production is reduced. This is because the less direct contact to the mother breast-feeding a baby then the less milk is stimulated to milk production and nursing mothers were plentiful. So, keep the baby from the pacifier and a bottle of milk as much as possible.

Tip three: Make it through the crying baby's needs as an alarm, not hours
Our baby know what he needs, including when hungry then he'll start to fuss or cry. In contrast with the vigorous by the time clock. So whenever he wants, give breast milk as much as he needs. But if he was not hungry and did not want the milk then just wait, not only because we peg hours to feed the baby then we force him to drink. Do not also limit so she latched umpteen hours on the schedule that we set.

Tip four: Make sure that we always eat a balanced healthy meals
Breastfeeding mothers need adequate nutrition to produce abundant milk of course. So always make sure we eat enough nutritious foods to support milk production. At the time of the lactation period is not recommended to go on a diet unless the type of diet that we use for lactation friendly. In addition to breastfeeding mothers need good nutrition and nutrition through food, nursing mothers also require higher calories than women who are not breastfeeding. Get nutrients from vegetables, good fats contained in avocado, salmon, egg and chia seeds, protein, nuts and seeds. A little sugar will probably raise our mood, but try to keep it minimal in sugar consumption because it's lack of nutrition, but it has the potential to increase our weight in a relatively short time.

Tip five: Drink plenty of water
Drinking lots of water is recommended for our health, especially for nursing mothers. Nursing mother's milk can be affected by the consumption of water due to breastfeeding will make us thirsty faster. Our body will have bad process if we do not drink lots of water. When we do not drink enough water we will also find that energy, focus and our concentration will decline.

Thus tips for breastfeeding mothers in order to optimal producing milk, the most important is we should always be happy to be the mother to feed our baby well. There are other tips that are not in the list? Please share :)

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