Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Okay maybe I'm the laziest girl in the world hihi

"May I borrow your comb?"
"Bring me a beauty cotton please?"

and the conversation end up with "HOAAAAAAAAAH I forget to bring this things AGAIN when I stay at your boarding house" *sigh*

This annoying conversation cause I always say that "sorry I didnt have comb and beauty cotton"
"What type a girl you're!!!" my friend yelling on me.

Okay I have a bad habbit with this all thing that I mentioned on first paragraph cause after covering my head with headcover or hijab I never have comb I just comb out my hair when I wash my hair hehe.

Its okay before I have a black head I think or little pimple that spread on my forehead and its very distrub much.
Until my sister tell me to clean my face once again after wash my face with facewash even that have function to make up remover and I was shock to know that the face cotton is dirty even I didnt have make up cause I just lay down that day.

And for you that have a problem with me even you have a pimple lotion, masker or another product for make your face like a princess make sure you already to clean your face with toner or another product that suit to your face.

Last I'll show you a product that suit my face.......




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