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Nowadays especially for young people, appearance is one of the most noticed. A person's appearance can affect how much confidence they has. Surely everyone has always want to appear in a neat and clean outfit and looks. However, there are some things that could make us feel not so confident to for our daily activities.

One from these problem is a dull face. Face is one of the body parts that most first seen by people we meet. This section is the most important part of the body to be care about. There are many things that can cause our faces becoming dull.

Too lazy to clean the face
It is important to keep our faces from looking dull. One of the simplest ways is to clean our face by using water. Wash your face regularly could make our face looks fresher than before. In addition, we can do exfoliating at home. Exfoliating by using scrub to remove dead skin cells, dirt on the surface of the face, and open the pores of the face so it can form a new skin layer. Exfoliating should be done routinely about one to three times a week. Depending on the condition of each person face.

Drink Less Water
If we rarely drink water, we can become dehydrated. It affects the condition of our faces. Our faces will look very pale and dull. We should have to drink water regularly because water is one of the most needed by our bodies.

Lack time of sleep
No matter how busy our daily activities, we should always have enough time of sleep. If we lack of rest, it will affect the condition of our skin and our face. While we are sleeping, skin cells regenerate to form a new skin layer to replace dead skin cells. Lack of sleep will cause our faces become less bright and make skin regeneration becomes ineffective. Lack of sleep can also cause dark circles under the eyelid. Our face will look pale and tired.

Pay attention to healthy food
A healthy diet will definitely have a great effect on the condition of the face. A good intake of nutrients will make our face look cooler. It's good to consume more fruits which have rich of vitamin A, vitamin and anti-oxidants so that dead skin can be repaired by the body properly. Skin regeneration will work better if we consume a lot of healthy foods.

Drinking more of healthy drink
Although consuming water becomes one important component to avoid dull face condition. But it's good if water consumption accompanied by drinking other healthy drinks.Some examples are by consuming green tea, watery fresh fruit or juice. Some examples of fruit that can be consumed are watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges and some other watery fresh fruit. By increasing the consumption of fresh fruit, our skin will look fresher, radiant and slow aging. Avoid coffee and tea consumption. Consumption of coffee and tea can be one cause the face becomes dull.
If it's hard to avoid it, at least we can reduce consumption.

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