Thursday, March 10, 2016


"OMG Meliscake! I waaaannnttt!" my friend shout kinda like that after I posted about my finally arrived Meliscake. My friend then said, she will blocked me from the chat because she want it so much but can't get it because Meliscake only do it's delivery around Jakarta.

A few months ago until now, Meliscake do hits and grab attention of many foodies and instagramers who love good food. Meliscake, opened in some of foodies bazaar event too. So we can get it on delivery or came to Meliscake bazaar for have a taste.
What is Meliscake?
It's homemade old fashion soft cake, indonesian called it kue bolu jadul but we can taste it's texture was very soofftt, moist and yes so delicious too. We can taste it melted on our mouth, it's cheese... it's grilled chocolate.

Meliscake have two variant : cheese, with so muucccchhh of grilled cheese as topping and lil whipped cream. Cheese lovers would be enjoyed it. And chocolate, topped of sooo muccchhh grilled chocolate block and little whipped cream which will grab an attention from chocolate fans.

Meliscake's cake serve chopped with cake papers like mini cupcake. So it's give us a plus, we no use to run for finding knife or anything for enjoy it, we can just grab and eat away. But I do not like if I really hungry and having lunch or breakfast with this cake but the paper didn't feel easy... hmm.. somehow the paper made me annoyed.

But Meliscake is deserved for purchased more and more, it's suitable for ordered it to your beloved ones or friends that having a special day or anything. That cake packed so pretty.

We can have a look more about it's cake to Meliscake official instagram : meliscake. Meliscake delivery service was good, customer service also satisfied me too.
The price 100,000 indonesian rupiah for the little one, and 275,000 indonesian rupiah for the big one.

By the way, Meliscake can send us their cake if we stay on Airport too. Maybe we entered Jakarta only at airport and we didn't stay for long.

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4 thoughts:

Pengobatan ambeien said...

enak banget nih

Jefferson L said...

i think i'm a cheese lover. nice review sis, but I think it's pretty expensive huh..

Kang Nurul Iman said...

Waw muantappp tuh kayanya.

Fandhy Achmad R said...

Itu coklatnya kayak cacing mbak haha terlihat menggelikan sekaligus penasarann untuk dimakan haha

lezat banget kayaknya X)

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