Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Taste of Chitato - Indomie Mie Goreng Flavor

Yesterday I just realized that many online shop trying to sell this one : limited edition Chitato which have unique flavor : Indomie Mie Goreng. I just got my source and it's price about 7k IDR only, but many online shop sell that 100% or almost 100% raised from it's original price.
I know, Chitato grab so many attention towards netizen in Indonesia.

I got some packs of this snack from mini market near my house and found out it's so delicious, but for me I only tasted potato and potato everywhere. That's all I feel. The one and only different off course the spice flavor lil bit more tasty and spicy just like Indomie goreng. It's worth to try by the way.
Chitato Indomie Goreng flavor priced about 7k IDR but when it comes to delivery to other city outside jabodetabek, it's price can be raise maybe about 9k IDR. When this snack sold by online shop, they give this snack different price. Most of them about 12k-18k. Twice from original price and yeah we need to pay + shipping cost. Oh man!

That increasing price must be caused by slow delivery to all city around indonesia and peoples have too much expected well to this snack. And on the top of everything, they feel so curious.
It's normal, who doesn't?

How about you? Have you taste it? Please share...


2 thoughts:


saya belum beli, dan pengen banget ngerasain, nanti deh mau beli. hahahaha

Kanianingsih said...

Pengen coba

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