Sunday, March 27, 2016


Some days I'm not here for purpose, I had to return to my hometown. But I really feel sad to imagine this box covered with dust huh?
So I re open my hard drive from my old laptop, too old files containing past photographs. I do remember that for about four years of work, due to time constraints ... the idea just be a mere idea. I have not been drafted in writing that can be published on this blog. Many of  memory that makes me confused, what motivated me to take a photograph while ago. Or what was in my mind when writing short drafts.

Because of the short and poor clues and I have so much of lag time for posting, so the file fragments that had similar random puzzle pieces that I wrote already, I do not understand what it's about.
So before leaving, I decided to try knitting memories left behind and make it a scheduled post. It is quite many post I made for timeline publishing but at least this blog updates even though I'm not online at the internet.

I made a lot of records that were once so has the idea of ​​posting every feeling uninspired, but we can just call it is a very limited time for me back then. Everything is give me a narrow space, write or even think about the things that had wanted to convey.

Harm job? Not really, maybe I was not too cool at multitasking.

Anyway that's funny, enjoying the process of re-assembling many puzzle pieces, I own that but yes I do forget anything related.
I thank the schedule feature to post on blogger, so I can adjust this day, if I want any updates.

Ah I want to read your blogs soon :)
See you.

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