Monday, March 28, 2016


Hello I want to tell you about some tips for people who have a big pore like me. Its not a big problem for me cause I'm not a girl who care about the skin problem until my big pore become a big enemy for me. I call "them" big enemy cause the day that my menstruation was coming my big pore changing into a wrinkle. OH NO!!!! Its a big problem for me cause my T zone full of wrinkle. So what should I do? Oh Allah please help me.

I'm kind of stalker heheh so I searching how to say good bye to wrinkle especially big pore. When I feel hopeless, accidentally I look at Poppy Bunga's instagram and I find her product "Kalia Kefir". Reflects I push a follow button and I stalk her product. Cause the wrinkle make me crazy day by day I decide to buy a black kefir. Black kefir ingredients is Pure Kalia Kefir, Food Grade Activated Bamboo Charcoal and Organic Tumeric. You can read the function of the ingredient below.

A few days later after I order it my boarding house guard say that there are some package for me. Wohooooo my black kefir arrived safely hehe come to mamaaaaa dear!!! Immediately I try this kefir and at about two or three days my wrinkle disappear slowly and my big pore become a tiny pore. YEAAAAAYYY!!! My friend that have a big problem with wrinkle cause of genetical tried a green kefir and you can read the funcion of green kefir below. She tell me that its product suit her skin perfectly.

Many entrepreneurs production this magical kefir but you may have a big question for me why I choose Kalia Kefir. I'm a kind of people that does not matter with my skin except my brown skin that like a "Ojek Driver" cause I'm a biker that never care about gloves or face mask but I'm a selective people for skincare cause I dont wanna my healthy skin become a monster skin cause a "abal-abal" skincare. For your information Kalia Kefir registered at BPOM and only two of Kefir Product that registered at BPOM and also they have a halal certificate.
Have you tried this product? or you have another story about another product?
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