Wednesday, March 30, 2016


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Who does not like the smell of the baby fragrance and how it smell adorable? Certainly almost no hands outstretched to express displeasure - yes?. Especially when coupled with fragrant of baby cologne, definitely people will be scrambling to hold and kiss the baby fragrant. Babies cologne usually have a mild fragrant durable even though already used all day by our baby, baby cologne you know it also can be used by mothers and other adults. It was not smelled as long time as if the baby wear it, but yes it is enough with several times a day application if we wanted to renew the fragrance. Well here is the benefits of  babies cologne when used by adults:

First: As the mother osecret weapon to comforted baby

Make sure at first that our baby liked his/her cologne scented. After bath, applying it to babies in the folds of them skin. Same with the power of touch, smell also plays an important role in the development of our baby. With our touch and scent of cologne that we apply on baby clothes and a little part of it will stimulate the skin feeling safe, comfortable and happy mood for baby. Good mood and calming scent will make the baby's less fussy while playing or when we take him for a walk out of the house. Baby's good mood will also cause our baby can sleep more tightly.

Second: To strengthen the relationship between mother and baby

If the baby is matched with the fragrance of a special babies cologne then we try to applying same cologne to our body before playtime or out of the house with the baby because maybe baby will meet the strangers outside the home. With the smell of babies cologne on our body, the baby can feel more comfortable on the move and, even a baby sitter who helped us set up all over the baby's needs. It's feel so good if he/she would stick to the mothers than others even though the others, right?

Third: Aromatherapy

Scented oils specifically for babies usually have a gentle fragrance character and could give the  innocent impression. Able to give adults comfortable feeling, as an adorable baby smell. A kind of aromatherapy that could potentially trigger a sense of relaxation and definitely made us for a moment to rest from having to be firm and tough taking care of everything in place. Take care of the work, clean the house and patience to deal with our baby who cried for example.

Fourth: Improving Mood Swing

If the baby can smell perfume is clean and pleasant, is suitable for the baby girl why not suitable if worn older women?

Sometimes we remember time after time passed so quickly and feel miss much or wasting things that we think are important. Sometimes we feel getting old quickly, and we are women usually very sensitive to realize how quickly the time goes to make us old and older. Fragrance of baby cologne can help relieve mood swings and feeling our sentimental about things that have past. Making us feel fresh and young, ready with the next challenge.

Well a lot of the benefits of this baby cologne for us adults, started thinking of buying one bottle for ourselves?


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fredlina said...

akh cute amat...btw...ada obral nih. cek di tb stoberi ya.

academic Indonesia said...

tengs, very inbterest your posting...

Jemari Ayumna said...

aku fokus ama foto babynya, lutuuuuu

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