Wednesday, April 27, 2016


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No air conditioning is good for us, because it's potentially made our skin dried as well. But lately the weather has been so hot. The heat kinda hot so when we're on the road we could feel the sun that makes the streets coated mirage also clothes that upon arriving at the destination is already moist once exposed to sweat, so that makes us feel lazy outdoor activities that use air conditioning (AC).

When at home is not much different after activities such as cooking, ironing and even complete the work of the office with a laptop can make us feel the need to change clothes and shower again because of the clothes worn so completely wet.

Yeah, we can use air conditioning, but it's not like we will also use it continuously since the cost of electricity from the air conditioning was not exactly low.

So, there are several ways to easily save energy that we can apply in our homes if we could not stand still without Air Conditioning :

Lower the temperature of the AC at night
Well, we did not get much from the AC on and off during the day due to the influence of the heat in the house and we feel so uncomfortable move without air conditioning at low temperatures. 
But there is no harm if at night where temperatures are cooler and not too hot, then we lower the temperature of the AC to save energy.

Turn off the lights
It might sound trivial, but turn off the lights can reduce the heat in the room, especially the room where the light is not necessary. To replace the light in the room we could open the blinds or open a window, use a light dimmer or if extremely necessary, only use lights in the room where we really need.

Service AC periodically
When the air conditioner was not as cold as we normally despite the same temperature, we got used to lower the temperature of the temperature that we use, but maybe it's time we use the help of the AC service provider. AC had to be serviced regularly to keep it durable and suitable starting function when we bought it.


3 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

ini bahasa inggris ya mbak?

harus translate dulu nih :|

Levina Mandalagiri said...

Nowadays it's very difficult to avoid using air conditioner, especially during hot weather. Yep, you're right that we must wisely use that kind of air conditioner, so the impact will be less in term of cost saving, energy saving also maintain our skin moisture.

Kang Nurul Iman said...

Hmm seperti begitu ya mbak, okeh kalau begitu terima kasih ya.

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