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Football remains a sport that until now still in demand. This is because football has a special attraction for always being played. Equipment for the sport of football is still very diverse at this time, including one of them is football shoes. It is undeniable that the shoe the ball is still the best-selling shoes.

Cool style of football shoes will always be the target of many people.The prices of these football shoes also vary depending on whether we want to buy good quality football shoes. Various models of the latest football shoes also emerging at this time. But it would be better if we know how to take care of football shoes, take care football shoes properly so it will not be easily broken. It is important for football shoes although we do not use it for daily, so we have to know how to take a good care so that are not easily damaged.

With this way, we will know what we should do with our football shoes so that shoes are not easily damaged. This is simple things we can do:

Washing our dirty shoes with a toothbrush
At the time of soccer shoes getting dirty, we could wash it off using a toothbrush to make it look cleaner.

Shoes drying in the sun
We should put our football shoes drying in the sun directly with the position behind.

Washing our football shoes is the thing we have to do, because if it is not washed by the rules then it would be dirty and smelly. We can wash it by using a liquid detergent. And try to hang this football shoes under direct sunlight so that our football shoes can dry out completely. And the position of the latest football shoes we should be reversed when dried in order to create the fabric of our football shoes are not easily broken.

Store the shoes in a dry place
We must always keep the soccer shoes in a dry place.

Do not store shoes in hot
But we should not store our shoes in hot place.

Dry place will keep our football shoes from mildew and odors. While we may not keep football shoes on a hot place because it will ruin our football shoes. Another way to take care of the latest football shoes is to put the shoes in a shoebox when not being used for a long time. So our soccer shoes will stay clean and durable maintained.


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sepatu saya entah kemana... udah lama juga gak main bola.. :(

eha said...

A blog written in english ... wow, it surely requires lots of efforts! Nice to be here :)

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