Saturday, April 16, 2016


I love blogging, every time when I blogs I do realize I can't even stop writing in my blogs. But sometime I have to keep my reader and blogging as routine. I decide to writing on Pandora with my young sister to keep it updates since I was buying my Pandora new domain. If you noticed, every my sister blog post created by Hanidha not me Ninda. We'd like to gathering an important information for our self, so we write down here then we don't losses the archive. And for make it more useful for you all so we shared in this blogs.

I know sometime instead of writing important information, we write down our diary here, simple review and anything heheh. Sometime we loses of focus. But who doesn't need to write down anything their heart feel or bear? So I'm sorry when you wanted to read information and read for our updates but all you can find is, "hah? they wrote a diary?"

I want to read much and  write more here since yes I paid for this new domain. I expected myself to write much. Even actually yeah... I can't. 
But there's always new hope for tomorrow, right?

When I blogs here, sometime I read again the old comments from my old blogging friend. Oh I misses them. Most of them leave their blogs and busy with any other activities, maybe they're busy working or studying or with their family.

What can I say since I do busy with my new little family.

Well I wish them ALL the best.


6 thoughts:

Kang Nurul Iman said...

Hmm muantappp mbak.

Roomances Blog said...

Somehow your post telling me "why I'm blogging & update mypost?", and your answer's "because I've buy this domain".


Ninda said...

but yes it is :D i bought this domain because I wanted to blog more. I own this blog for a long time and I abandoned it for a long time too

Levina Mandalagiri said...

just keep your passion for blogging eventhough just only write diary...hehe. We don't know what the reader want to see or search in our blog. Well, I think it's good to involve your sister writing in this blog, so it will continue update regularly, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

mbak, ini bahasa inggris ya?

saya translate dulu deh :|

Anonymous said...

ini bahasa inggris ya mbak?

saya translate dulu deh :|

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