Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bebek Pak Joss (Mr. Joss's Ducks), Little Restaurant on Surabaya

Not everyone like eating duck meat, I do loves that but I currently aware myself to not eat it much. Because of a good review I think I just need to try it even just once. Bebek Mr. Joss or in bahasa Bebek Pak Joss located so close with popular depot and snack shop Bu Rudi, Surabaya. It has inovatif menus like roasted duck cooked with mozzarella or fried duck with salted egg.

We tell waitress if we want some white rice, roasted mozzarella duck, vegetables and  1 portion of fried duck topped with salted egg for takeaway.

Roasted mozzarella duck looked very yummy and so good for photo-posting on any social media. But the duck too chewy, and it's bone still on it's place. Uh, I thought it was so soft even it's bone. Actually it doesn't meet my expectation :(
But fried duck with salted egg was so yummy, if I got a chance to come again to this place, I plan to order those menu. By the way, it's kind of hard looking for parking area here. A place for shalah, I can tell the lil restaurant has the place but still for me, it's not clean enough.

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4 thoughts:

Obat diare said...

mantap banget bikin ngiler

momogrosir said...

bebeknya menggiurkan sekali

efo.teo said...

Aaaaakh, mauuu nyemiiliiiin itu semuanyaaa :3 pengambilan gambarnya bikin ngiler :D

Jefferson L said...

what a presentation of food, what a restaurant. what a review!
nice review..

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