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Indonesia is a country with many islands. As a maritime nation, about 17.500 Indonesian island surrounded by beautiful beaches with all its charm. The beautiful beaches with good waves are a major attraction of Indonesian tourism. So many territories with a nice beach often makes tourists confused any place to be visited or buying gift they will take home later. From some of the places you must be wondering what are the highlights of one such place. Sure we all know Lombok, an island with all its natural beauty. Lombok has lots of charm not everyone knows or places that were hits among us. Let's find out some of the must visit when you are in Lombok!

Ayunan Ombak Sunset Gili Trawangan


When in Lombok, you will be incomplete when you are not on a swing as pic above, Swing of Ombak Sunset Gili Trawangan. Enjoy the expanse of blue sea in different ways especially when the sunset is the best time to come here.

Gili Layar Sekotong

After visiting the place people usually visit it's the time for we moved to a beautiful place that has not been so well known to tourists. To achieve Gili screen we need to cross first. Gili screen spoiling us with tours of coral reefs and a calmer atmosphere than the Gili Trawangan.

Tanjung Aan
The next place that we must go to Tanjung Aan. Blue expanse of the sea with white sand is a beautiful blend that can describe Tanjung Aan. Some travelers use this place for surfing. Are you wanna try?


Pantai Pink

Hearing this name, you must be wondering why the beach is called Pink Beach. Some sources say that the name originated because the pink sand beach. The pink color comes from algae that grow on the shore. Pink beach is one of the must-see destination for a unique beach in Indonesia.

Gunung Rinjani

Lombok Island or Pulau Lombok always been synonymous with beautiful beaches, while Lombok has rinjani mountain. Mount Rinjani is the second largest volcano which is still active. A few days ago the child rinjani mountain erupted, causing hundreds of tourists had to be evacuated. Often we hear a "mountain or sea?"  Lombok has two options so there is no reason not to set our foot to the island of Lombok.

Usai menjelajahi beberapa destinasi wisata di Lombok hal yang terlintas pertama kali pasti “bawa oleh-oleh apa ya?”. Lombok  dikenal sebagai penghasil mutiara lombok. Beberapa wisatawan pasti membeli mutiara lombok sebagai oleh-oleh. Dalam urusan oleh-oleh makanan, Pulau Lombok merupakan makanan yang sayang untuk dilewatkan. Berikut merupakan daftar oleh-oleh yang wajib kamu bawa kembali ke kota asal.

After exploring several tourist destinations in Lombok thing that comes first is definitely "what gifts that we could buy and bring?". Lombok is known as the pearl of Lombok. Some tourists certainly bought capsicum as souvenirs. In matters of food, Lombok has a food that can not be missed. Here is a list of souvenirs that you shall bring back to their home towns.

Mutiara Lombok of Lombok's pearl
Lombok is an island of beautiful pearl producer with a variety of pricing options and forms. You can buy pearls Lombok for souvenirs mother or your closest people. Chili can be shaped pearl rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. definitely preferred by them.

Sambal Encim Lombok

Encim Sambal is a condiment packs are packaged in bottles with woven bamboo packing. Sambal encim is one alternative special local food that you can buy. You can buy taliwang chili sambal or chicken taliwang as a gift.


Candied seaweeds and cashew chili

In addition to a gift that has been mentioned previously, candied seaweed or cashews chili is a food that you must be brought home when on holiday to Lombok. Lombok is an island surrounded by the sea so as to produce abundant marine wealth one of which is a seaweed that is processed into sweets seaweed. Then cashew chili is also a food that is not less delicious than sweets. Cashews provided in some flavors that all tastes good and will surely regret it if not to bring one.

So, interested in spend your holiday to Lombok?

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