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Kids that achieve something great always deserve for a surprise party, though it just with other family member. If your child does well in school academically, sporting events or any other field even to win the competition in the field that she/he interested, then your children deserves to be given a reward for his/her big efforts.

Family financial budget might not be possible to comply with the purchase of the items on his/her wish list as the most advanced gadgets, but we can also organize a small party to appreciate the efforts of children in the competition.

A party does not have to be expensive, you can organize a small party as a surprise for a child with a small budget but still sweet and memorable. Interested? Here the tips:

# 1 Keep the party small
The purpose of ensuring a small party is to invite only a few people to attend a surprise party for children may be around 5 to 10 people consisting of family members and close friends of our child. Tell and plans a surprise party with the people we invite the party to be held as you expected.

# 2 Choose the appropriate party theme for children
Choose a party theme that fits within the competency of your child. If he/her excelent in sports,  then use party theme of basketball, softball or football that he/she likes. If he/she achievers in science then you can use the theme laboratories and others.

# 3 Select a place that is not expensive to organize a party
Memorable surprise party could be so memorable if held in famous yet expensive restaurant? Certainly not. You can choose a place that is not expensive for held the party, for example in our own home or the home of other big family member. You can also ask for help from close neighbors or the parents of his/her good friend who you know so well also to hold a brief party. Of course the best is at our own home because you do not have to worry about bothering people who you ask for for help to organize the party and you can freely adjust the decor and what your concept for surprise party.

# 4 The pie tart and food for the party
In a surprise party, it's seem not complete if we do not provide a cake or even candles to complement the event even though this party was not a child's birthday. You can order from a pastry shop, kind of cake that being your child's favorites for a party if you do not want to busy with preparing meals. But if you want a delicious cake with low cost, it would be better if you make your own. There are a lot of cakes with simple recipe and easy to make, you can look for inspiration from birthday cake ideas for children as reference.

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