Sunday, July 31, 2016


your phone is ringing

"Hallo I'm from HRD staff PT.X and we would to inform you that you have been selected as a new employee candidate and you should attend an interview on Sunday at 10.00 a.m "

After hear HRD staff' explanation I felt there was butterfly on my stomach.

What should I do in this job interview?
What should I learn for this job interview?

Okay guys I would like to give you some tips or trick maybe an advice hehe
Check it out

1. Don't panic and positive thinking
Panic is a key that makes you nervous and can't answer the questions perfectly. So if you want to make an interview as you wish you must control your emotion and be positive that you can do that because a positive result come from your positive aura and your positive aura come from your positive thinking.

2. Give your first impression
Why first impression is an important thing when you doing an interview. Let me explain you an example, when you meet a new person what you thinking (a conclusion that it's a good or bad person)?Its possible if you think that its a good person if that person makes a big smile for you and something like that. So if you want to make your interviewer thinking that you is the best people for that position you must make sure that you make a good first impression.

3. Don't be lying, please...
I know maybe some people say that if you want this interview success you must lie for a reason, but for me if you do a bad thing at the beginning its become a boomerang for you at least. Whatever it is you must be honest or if interviewer give you a question that make you uncomfortable, tell them if you didn't answer the question (with reason) is better than you lie.

4. The interviewer is a close friend that a long time ago I never met
Sorry if its make you think that I'm too exaggerating in this poin hihi. In my opinion, if you think that the interviewer is your close friend its make yourself comfortable and enjoy so you can answer the question like you do a storytelling, its such a pleasant experience right?

I think four poins above can make you enjoy the job interview and you can past it with the best result of course. Good luck Job Seeker!!! Fighting!!

4 thoughts:

Kang Nurul Iman said...

Okeh nih mbak bisa dicoba tipsnya dan sepertinya okeh juga tipsnya. Terima kasih sudah berbagi pengalamannya sangat membantu sekali.

Aul Howler's Blog said...


I never got any interview call yet. Basically never apply for job and got interviewed by anyone. The last job I got was from an offer

I really need to learn about thi deeper
Thank you kakk

Ratusya said...

Aku ga pernah dipanggil interpiu lagi. Ya eyalah, org ga apply juga. Ahahaha
Ada gitu org yg maksa2 aku unt kerja di kantornya? Ahahaha

Pangeran Wortel said...

Baru beberapa hari kemaren aku diinterview. Alhamdulillah semua tips yang di sini sudah aku terapkan kak.

Makasih, ya. Udah sharing..

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