Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Organizing a birthday party might be part of our agenda for many reasons, either because the demand of the baby as well as community mothers in the neighborhood who often invited us to come to the birthday party of their children. So when we finally decided to give a reply invitation celebration party of our baby, following tips that we can follow to organize a children's party fun without exaggeration:

What do the children wants?
Everyone has different style in party planning and when it it comes to the availability of food, a feast for the children is included party considerable potential to cause stress as much as the wedding party. Instead of providing a wide variety of food is better we focus on the party invitation: children. What are they like? If they love chocolate and ice cream of course they are less enthusiastic if such we provide a spaghetti dish.

Set the  invitations time
Take a look at our environmental conditions to estimate the guests. Do you think children under five will also come to the party that we invent? If yes then it is better to have a party between 1pm to 3pm to avoid their nap time.

To be more organized party and does not interfere with our personally time so set set the expiration of the party or fix time for party. So the guests who come not stay too long to disturb our personal time and they can say goodbye comfortably without feeling uncomfortable. And yes they able to come for a while. For a party like this, 1 to 1.5 hours is sufficient. If it is still better to be stretched for up to 2 hours maximal.

Estimate anyone who comes
In a party like a birthday party or a gluttonous meal children's events, we can be sure that his guests are not only the children, they must come along with their parents, grandparents and do not forget cousin and our friend who may want to come to event. Then provide venues which roughly matches the second, not meant to be mixed up, but apart to make it more orderly. The adults with food for adults and light snacks so they can enjoy a snack while chatting. While children with many types of games, children's meals in small portions as well as their preferred snack.

Games for kids party
Children love to play, they are usually only interested in events in which supply lots of games, play equipment and snacks such as chocolate and ice cream that much. If you want more lively we could invite the vendor for the magic show along with the leaks simple magic tricks, this will impress their children are also at the same time so had complementary skills to be staged or exhibited at the school during art lessons.

We can also combine the two, snacks and games for example with games decorate a cake or muffin, kids can be creative decorate the cake with a variety of toppings, sprinkles and more. Once satisfied they can take pictures with his work each before eating cake, exciting is not it?

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