Saturday, January 23, 2016

That Cutie Pie : Song Triplets

My friend's keep told me how cute that song triplets from the return of superman (TROS). And I always say : what so special with them?
I begin my interest since I watch some video on my instagram explorer end found them so cute yet adorable. after all yes they are still cutie pie but somehow it's good to see them well mannered and well educated. That Song Daehan, Song Minguk and Song Manse. Thanks to parents. Song triplets parents is Song Il Kook (korean actor) and his wife (she's a smart judge by the way). I thought Daehan and Minguk takes after Mom on academic enthusiast and Manse takes after Dad - he can act so well on his age when on scene korean history drama which their father as a lead actor.

Their looks, Daehan and Manse I thought takes after their Dad so handsome even on their young age and Minguk takes after their Mom... looks sweet and cute.

Unfortunately song triplets will end their participate to variety show the return of superman, February 2015 will the last time they aired them. I can help but feel sad. Because they really melt my heart with their cuteness. Cuteness overload. But they have to be go to school, and it's hard for make it well if them so busy shooting.

*) pic credit : google

2 thoughts:

Shine Fikri said...

ya ampuuun iya, ini tuh lagi kekinian banget. temen2ku juga pada ngasi tau, wkwkwk... unyuuuk

Elkilani Kurnia said...

iyaaaaa ngehits bangetsss... ^^

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