Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cushion Lamps

Cushion lamps is a new innovated lamps variant, it comes from China. Cushion lamps just like ordinary lamp, but what make them different? They mix a function of a lamp and a cute looking that just had by doll or plushie. Then cushion lamp launch at international market they plan.

Cushion lamp look so cute, soft and huggable like another pillow that we always see. But one make them different from another doll or plushie is, they can glowing like a lamp or candle and the glow that they produced was so lovely. They’re unique because they can be a plushie or doll and candle at the same time. 2 in 1 function they have make them popular so fast.

I’ll give you some illustration... okay maybe you just imagine to putting candle at your room when some special moment came to make your room feel romantic at that moment (another romantic moment with your husband or your wife or your fiancĂ©e or girlfriend – boyfriend maybe?). Well you want it so bad, but you afraid if that candle fell that easy from the place you putting them and make your house into danger and fire then romantic moment you plan it for a long time and you want it so bad turn to disaster. It happening so fast and you just can’t bear it. You maybe lost a few important things at your house and you can’t get the moment you want. Ok, it’s maybe crazy imagine but it can happen, right? Then you want your room turn romantic but didn’t want if you can put yourself at danger. Rrrr... such a dilemma J

Then what you should do if you want your romantic moment will be success like what you want and it will gone with no risk?

Now you can have your romantic room when you writing diary or have a romantic time with your couple easily than before. You just need to switch on, no worry your home will got into fire or what... and when you didn’t need it glow, you still can hug it when you want to sleep. At the moment you want to add romantic effect, you can see it glowing and magically it turn to romantic. Best you turn off your room’s lamp or when you walk in a dark place especially at night, now you can see what lovely a glow they produced perfectly.

Cushion lamp made from special material that make you love it. When it putted at some place then you see it about one meters from it, it looked like lampion. But when you walk to cushion lamps and see it from small distant, you may want to take and hug it. Cushion lamp has a lamp inside them, not just one, but a few of lamps and they are glowing at the same time.

Cushion lamp made from velvet fabrics, it so soft that make you feel comfort with them and made you feel to hug them always. Velvet make it still glowing when sunrise, and the color is so bright. Cushion lamp has cotton inside, no... It is not a similar cotton that we can easily found it inside any doll we have, the cotton which used for make cushion lamps is transparent cotton. Beside, cushion lamp filling with one hundred percentage of polyester

Cushion lamp has so many lovable design like oval pillow, star, look like foot shape, happy face, candy replica, strawberry and much.

Cushion lamp had turn off and turn on switch so you can set up when you want it glowing. Switch box placed between cushion lamps. A box where battery placed can be replaced when you opening a switch box near them. So be careful when you open it, better you didn’t open the zipper.

You didn’t need make a touch with battery box with your own hand before they replaced. You just need switch it on or off. When it dirty, please cleaning that cushion lamp cover like used to cleaning your clothes, and then you should dry it with a hair dryer. Drying it with hair dryer make it dried faster and warm. Because it was warm, so it would not smell bad because it not dry after cleaned.

Cushion lamps usually set with UCS cable with them, or three AAA battery. Hemm, it’s look like i-phone, isn’t it? J

But I think USB cable can make them recharge easily and of course it takes no much pay. I seriously wanna have them one for my tiny room, especially when all electricity get die. I didn’t need to search my candle when dark and I can’t see anything. Well, cushion lamps has a potentiality to get popular the way as clutch bag maybe J

But trust me it so worth to purchase. I want it so bad but I can’t find them easily at a store or mall stand. I just browse it and found it priced with kinda expensive for someone that still a job seeker and unemployed and fresh graduated like me (yeah wish me luck to finding a job that I like fast, I didn’t like when day by day I’m turning bores because my activity-less day). I think a cushion lamps kinda expensive maybe because it imported originally from the country they made and no one can produce them at the country where I lived in. It’s a new innovation so it can’t be easy to found them when we stopped by at toy store or doll store.

Well, I think maybe I will starting to put a cushion lamp at my wish list so I can secretly persuade my family or many people that close to me for buy it to me when my birthday or something hehehe *grin* and *grin* and *grin*.

Wait a minute, it close by a new year isn’t it? Si maybe I gonna have them when every people in the world say out loud a HAPPY SUNDAY!! Yayay! :D

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