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Plaque or more often called tartar is a layer contained in the teeth and are usually located in between the teeth or near the gums caused by food waste that accumulate due to incorrect use of the toothbrush or the lack of awareness on dental health.

How to remove the plaque on teeth is to clean the teeth with a toothbrush at least be done twice a day, after a shower and for dental care is recommended toothbrush after eating to avoid plaque or tartar. The examination of dental health can be done within a period of six months once or twice a year. This is done to ensure that the gear is in good condition or health.

The formation of plaque or tartar sometimes not realized by many people. Awareness for the routine cleaning of plaque or tartar through scaling too low. Many of us have never even cleaned the plaque or tartar lifetime and can be imagined how dirty our teeth. Moreover, plaque or tartar can be seen by the other person clearly. Sure, it causes us to be less confident.

How to remove plaque on teeth with ingredients from our kitchen

Baking soda
Baking soda is a food that is often used in the kitchen as one of the basic ingredients in cake making. In addition to functioning in developing the cake, baking soda can also be used to remove plaque or tartar. Using baking soda in removing plaque or tartar very easily by mixing two teaspoons of baking soda with one teaspoon of salt and dissolve it with toothpaste as you like and then do tooth-brushing as usual. Do it gently and slowly and after all areas have affordable dental cleaning teeth then rinse with mouthwash. To use baking soda only should not be done often to keep the tooth enamel.

Guava fruit is a favorite fruit of almost everyone who is usually processed into juice or eaten. Besides the fruit, it leaves have benefits to stop diarrhea. Based on research that revealed in a journal found that the guava and guava leaves are effective in removing plaque or tartar as it makes a stop certain bacteria mutate. With the development of bacteria from leftover food that slow down the process of the formation of plaque or tartar can be reduced. How to apply and its use of guava guava leaves very easy to chew guava leaves and then throw it away or take a raw guava then add a little salt and chew slowly and do in one or two times a day for several days as needed.

White vinegar
White vinegar or white vinegar is one of the mandatory side dish when eating meatballs or soup. It turned out that in addition to adding flavor the food will taste better, white vinegar can be used to remove plaque or tartar. Its use was very easily by mixing two teaspoons of white vinegar with one teaspoon of salt and dissolve it with half a cup of warm water. Use the solution to rinse once or twice a day.

Some of the material is a material that is easily found in the kitchen. By using materials that we often encounter in the kitchen can help us in the care of teeth in a simple way with a relatively low cost. There is no excuse for not smile because of lack of confidence on the plaque or tartar teeth, right?

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It's very useful info. Thank you, never thought that guava leaves can do that.

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