Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Have you ever heard apologize, irreplaceable song?
Have you ever heard the accoustic version, and this one so ear friendly so you can make it as your lullaby ;) ?

Try album I Love Accoustic and I Love Accoustic Too by Sabrina. You can hear a lot of song with accoustic version here, well-known song, they all sound as sweet as candy. Sweet. Or like a soap bubble between yellow lamp, pretty and lightly.

Yes, it's also remake song.. but believe me you gonna be like this.

Sabrina's face maybe look malayan, but she's from Philipine. Sabrina born in Roli Alexandra "Xanxan" Orial in Laguna on December 30, 1989 (wow she's younger a month than me! awesome!). She is the youngest of 3 siblings. I thought she's multi-talent girl who can sing a song nicely while handling a guitar.

pic taken random by google
Enjoying Because Of You remake from Ne Yo song, a beat up once can turn be a lullaby song ;) irreplaceable by Beyonce too. Don't forget to take a hear which titled "Iris", it's so beautiful sad song. You can heard when you in front of laptop like me, and writing some modern fairytale. Trust me it's fun and refreshing :D

3 thoughts:

TS Frima said...

kunjungan ingkat, sekedar menyapa ^^
have a nice day :)

Belajar Photoshop said...

i know nothin' about her.. at all :(

funmaniacs said...

hii.. hanya sekedar berkunjung. kunjungi balik yah. bisa download movie dan game seru di funmaniacs. thanks

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